Ratios and Proportions

Ratios and Proportions

Ratios & Proportions

This is the cover page for the Ratios and Proportions BOOK

Similar figures and proportions

If you know two figures are similar, how can you find the missing lengths for the second figure?. Sample problem here.

Ratio tables and proportions

How to use ratios (and ratio tables) to solve a proportion. Sample problem here.

Comparing ratios to make decisions

Using ratios to make decisions. Sample problem here.

Solving proportion word problems

Learn how to solve proportion word problems. Sample problem here.

Three ways to solve proportions

There are many ways to solve a proportion. This page shows you three methods. $$\frac{6}{9}\,=\,\frac{x}{12}$$

Unit rates and unit ratios

Learn how to turn any ratio into a unit ratio. $$\frac{5}{4}\,=\,\frac{[   ]}{ 1 }$$

Equivalent ratios

How can you tell if two ratios are equivalent to each other? This page shows you. Sample problem here.

Simplifying ratios

Writing ratios in simplest form. $$\frac{12}{15}\,\rightarrow~\,\frac{4}{5}$$

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