GeoGebra applets

Comparing decimals

Learn how to compare decimals and arrange them from least to greatest. Sample: $$3.138\,<\, 3.14$$

Vertical Angles

What are vertical angles? This applet shows you.

Why is the sum always 180°? (A different look.)

A different demonstration of why the sum of the angles in a triangle is always 180°.

Sum of the angles in a triangle

What is the sum of the angles in ANY triangle?

Supplementary Angles - the definition

What are supplementary angles? Use this applet to find out.

Protractor Practice

Practice using a protractor with this applet.

Find the missing angles with a triangle on a line

A triangle is sitting on a line. Find the missing angles. Sample:

Missing angle in a triangle

Find the missing angle in a triangle.

Geometric Objects

Take a look at some basic geometric objects: line, ray, point, etc.

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